Play Therapy Education

Play Therapy Education

Looking for the right place to complete your play therapy education?

We know you’re passionate about healing and committed to improving your trade. Otherwise, as a counselor or mental health professional, you wouldn’t have chosen to do this work. We also know that it’s important that your patients trust you, so making the right choice for your play therapy education is equally important.

With over 55 years of combined mental health experience and expertise, we’ve chosen to focus in on play therapy because we know and trust the therapeutic power of play. Using a comprehensive approach grounded in theory, our play therapy education integrates tools, skills and techniques to support and enhance your practice.

Academy for Play Therapy Training is one of the premier approved centers of play therapy education accredited by the U.S. Association for Play Therapy. We’re proud of the work we do, and once you begin your training with us, you’ll have reason to be even more proud of your work too. We also know that having ongoing continuing education opportunities to further your practice is equally important once you’ve received your play therapist certification.

What benefits does the play therapist certification offer me and my patients?

Reestablishing the imaginative connection based in play therapy, opens up new channels of communication and trust. Play therapy education includes the use of toys and a wide variety of items of great interest to children. From role-playing with puppets and dolls to using crayons, paint and other media to draw out their thoughts and emotions, to using the sandbox with a mix of action figures or some building blocks, children are free to express themselves and made more comfortable with the therapy process.

Having a play therapist certification instills trust in your child client’s parents and educators because it’s a testimony to the experiential learning commitment you’ve made. Through your play therapy education, you’ll reconnect to your own inner child and gain greater access to your own innate resourcefulness that can now be used for the benefit of your child client. You’ll have an even greater depth of empathy for him/her and fully recognize the power of play no matter the age of a person.

What makes our play therapy education so comprehensive?

For us, play is serious business! It’s not easy to become one of the United States approved centers of play therapy education, and we are passionate about our course participants building a strong foundation of therapy skills. A comprehensive play therapy training includes skills you can use immediately in your practice, and these skills build on each other to use for years to come.

Through expressive arts, role-play, puppet play, storytelling, sensory play, miniatures, and many others, our interactive workshops include games and activities for every developmental stage. But play therapy education isn’t only about remember how to play again. It also includes the theory behind each methodology, so you’re not only inspired with new ways to connect with your child client and his/her family, but are also better equipped to choose the ones that will be most effective given the beautiful uniqueness of each individual.

A play therapy education transcends all differences, whether they be cultural, gender, social, nationality, age, ethnic background, etc. Given the universal power of play, play therapy can be highly effective when integrated into couples therapy and with teen and adult clients as well.

What happens after I gain a play therapist certification?

In addition to interactive workshops, technical courses, and retreats, we offer a full line of continuing education opportunities to maintain your play therapist certification. We love what we do and keep bringing fresh content to our courses, as we continue to learn and grow through play! One of the best parts of our experiential workshops is the connections you’ll form through exploring the ever-evolving aspects of play therapy education.

How do I keep up with continuing education (CEUs)?

By choosing us for your play therapy education needs, you become part of our community. Because you are our focus, you can focus on serving your clients without having to worry about getting behind on continuing education credits. You’ll be one of the first to know of our new course offerings, workshops, and retreats.

Interested in learning more about how training can benefit your practice and your clients? Please contact The Academy for Play Therapy Training today.