Play Therapy CEU

Play Therapy CEU

Play Therapy CEU (Continuing Education Units)

Why should we care about Play Therapy CEU? Well, now that you understand how to become a play therapist and how to earn your play therapist certification, continuing your play therapy education is equally important to honing and deepening your skills. As we like to say at Connecting to Play Therapy, the journey starts and continues here. We specialize in providing ongoing offerings to strengthen and hone your skills in formats that also capture play therapy CEU.

Have you ever participated in a continuing education course that leaves you feeling like you’ve simply checked the box? Well, that’s no fun, and over time you probably retained very little of what you learned. As a mental health professional, you’ve probably seen how a relaxed, playful mind is at its most creative. Connecting to Play Therapy CEU gives you a chance to get out of the box to forge new neurological pathways in service of your play therapy education.

To that end, Connecting to Play Therapy CEU offers a rich, rewarding, and immersive experience. The play therapy CEU we offer gives play therapists a chance to practice exciting new techniques in a live, supportive setting so each participant walks away with the clarity and confidence to put their renewed skills to immediate use within their practice. Plus, it wouldn’t be a Connecting to Play Therapy CEU course if we didn’t have some fun!

Your Play Therapy Education Continues

We offer Play Therapy CEU throughout the calendar year. No matter if you’re looking for introductory courses or more intermediate or advanced course offerings, we offer the full range of play therapy educational needs.

Because you’re not just your practice, our well-rounded play therapy education approach serves the whole play therapist.  From practical workshops, like Relational Sandtray and Playful Solutions to Serious Problems, to play therapist certification-focused workshops like Law & Ethics: What Therapists and Counselors Need to know, we support both the depth and breadth of your play therapy education.

For a full list of play therapy educational courses, visit our drop-down Course menu.

Play Therapy Retreat

For someone who draws meaning and enrichment from the work they do, you’re always in service of the bigger picture impact you long to make in the world. But as every mental health professional knows, being of service requires so much of your energy. It’s important to rejuvenate and refill your cup from time to time to be of greater service. In fact, your subconscious needs time to relax to explore different combinations of ideas and test out different solutions. A well-rounded play therapy education recognizes this.

So, what could be better than the all-of-the-above option of relaxing mind and body, rejuvenating your spirit, and honing your craft? Apart from the sound of a child’s laughter, we’d say not much! Because what’s good for you is good for your clients.

With that in mind, we’re so excited about offering our play therapy retreat again this year! We’ve had so many epiphanies and inner shifts happen together in this sacred space. Haven’t joined us before? Imagine yourself in a picturesque setting, with ample time to relax and unwind, and a chance to earn play therapy CEU in the process.

While our intensive play therapy experiential retreat is approved for MFTs, LPCs, LCSWs, LEPs and licensed mental health professionals, this play therapy retreat calls forth the full expression of what it means to be you.

Approved by the APT for 20 play therapy CEU. This event will sell out, so please Register today.

Connecting with Other Play Therapists

We all need someone who speaks our language. After all, that’s the premise that play therapy is based on.

Just like children communicating through their language of play, we need others we can connect with and understand us and the unique challenges and thrills that play therapists go through. In addition to our yearly retreat, Connecting to Play Therapy educational events offer additional opportunities to connect and learn with those in our beloved play therapy community. For a detailed list of upcoming events, visit our events page.

Play Therapy CEU is our unique pleasure. You care passionately about supporting and serving your clients, so we care passionately about supporting and serving you.   Interested in a particular topic for play therapy CEU that you don’t see listed on either our events or courses page? Let us know! Email or