Introduction to Sandtray

The world of Sandtray Therapy is in miniature. Miniature figures representing all aspects of life are used to create an external representation of our internal world. This workshop will examine the theoretical foundation of Sandtray Therapy and explore the use of Sandtray Therapy within play therapy sessions. Participants will be able to use the miniatures to create their own Sandtray worlds to explore aspects of themselves and their clients. This is a highly interactive and experiential workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring their own miniatures to use throughout the workshop.


This course is for: Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Professional Clinical Counselors.

CE’s provided through the Academy for Play Therapy Training, ™ Mary Ruth Cross is an APT Approved Provider 18-544. CE’s for Marriage & Family Therapists, Licensed Social Workers, Professional Clinical Counselors.

Please note: Certificates of Completion will be awarded at the completion of the workshop to those who paid for CE certification and attend the workshop in its entirety, sign in and out and complete the course evaluation for the workshop.

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